There is Hope

When we came to CMA we found other crystal meth addicts who had recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind, body and spirit. They introduced us to the possibility of a life without crystal meth and by embracing a program of action, we found that we were able to fill that life with purpose. 

Through the steps, we surrendered our will to the idea that those around us had solved their problem and could help us get better. We opened ourselves up to a new way of thinking in which we could stop lying to ourselves and we allowed our own conception of a higher power to enter into our lives. We became willing to make the admission to another addict about our wrongs and offered up our character defects to be removed. 

We cleaned up the wreckage from the tornado that was our old life and we embarked on a new course in which our ego was reduced and love replaced our selfishness. 

The truth of our new lives is that we can handle difficulties that used to convince us to use crystal meth. We can now help others in ways that we could never do for ourselves before CMA. By finding a spiritual basis on which to live we can be part of miracles everyday that are happening all around us. We can be whole and happy and we can pass hope and our common solution on to the next addict who is suffering without a way out.

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